Release History

1.2 2006 Mar 9Custom Ognl Evaluation
1.1 2006 Mar 5Sheet Title
1.0 2006 Feb 22Reflection
0.1alpha 2006 Feb 05First Release

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Release 1.2 - 2006 Mar 9

update The ognl evaluation has been moved from ExcelWriter to the implementations of PropertyDtd.

This allows more flexibility to user implementations of PropertyDtd. There are two suplied implementations:
  • PropertyDtdImplimplements a default ognl evaluation of the expression.
  • PropertyDtdStaticImplis an implementation that returns a user defined object as a result of the evaluation (it does not actually uses ognl.

Release 1.1 - 2006 Mar 5

add Added the posibility to specify a name to the excel sheet created with the method addReportin class epere4
update The repository changed from CVS to SVN epere4

Release 1.0 - 2006 Feb 22

add Added the hability to make excel files out of java Collections without even suppling an xml config file, getting properties by reflection. You can combine both and use the xml file to configure some excel columns that reflection can't get automatially and let the library guess the rest of them. epere4
update There was a major refactor in the dtd. Added the property 'includeExtraLevel ' for 'properties'. Replaced 'name' by 'expression', and added 'title' and 'protectNullPointer' for 'property'. See the dtdfor details about what each of them mean. Please notethat this dtd version is not backwards compatible. epere4
update The Java2ExelDtd, HeaderDtd, BodyDtd and PropertyDtd classes are now interfaces. epere4
update The Parser class has now a protected constructor. That forces you to use the brand new Java2ExcelDtdFactory, to create instances of Java2ExcelDtd. epere4

Release 0.1alpha - 2006 Feb 05

add This is the first release. It does not have much documentation and not much functionality. It allows you to generate an excel file using a not so flexible xml file and a java.util.Collection epere4